Drawing the future with one-of-a-kind X-ray technology



The self-developed software "Jasper" enables comprehensive control & analysis capabilities in a single platform, including manipulator control, X-ray control, 2D imaging, CT calculation, 3D analysis, & measurement.

2D X-ray Mapping function

By capturing 2D X-ray images beforehand of the larger SMT board or  semiconductor PKG sample tray, it becomes possible to operate while visually confirming the specific observation area. Additionally, using the 2D mapping image, it is feasible to control the manipulator by operating the PC mouse.

Mouse operation function

All manipulator operations can be performed using a PC mouse, enabling operators to focus on their tasks without the need to divert their attention from the monitor. This user-friendly interface enhances efficiency and  allows for seamless control during operations.

Automatic adjustment function of height of interest.

The automatic adjustment function of the observation height of the object is a crucial technology that enables the implementation of the eucentric function and the 3D oblique CT function. With the XVA series, it is now possible to achieve accurate height adjustments of the object of interest with just a single click. This advanced feature simplifies the workflow & ensures optimal operation for various applications.

Movement speed automatic adjustment function

Manipulator movement speed can be automatically adjusted.

Shooting condition registration/call function

XVA series offers the capability to register not only the manipulator position information but also the X-ray output conditions. This function allows users to save and recall specific shooting conditions, enabling consistent imaging under the same parameters at any given time.

Teaching function

When performing random inspection, you can create an inspection program in advance and perform automatic inspection. All X-ray and manipulator conditions can be registered.


Measurement function

■ Dimensional measurement

Measure distance between two points, distance between two lines, angle, etc.
Accurate measurement is possible because the magnification is displayed based on the height of interest.

■ Area measurement

Void calculation in the the specified area.Automatic judgment feature by OK/NG thresholds setting.

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